Peyronie’s Disease

Why medicate when you can rejuvenate?

Peyronie’s is a disease of the penis that causes painful scarring of the penis.  Up to 80% of men with this disease have associated erectile dysfunction. Curving of the penis is also common.  Peyronie’s Disease is a notoriously difficult disease to treat using current therapies.  Without treatment about 12% of men with Peyronie’s Disease will spontaneously improve over time, 40% will get worse, and the rest will remain stable.


PeakWAVE offers a revolutionary solution for Peyronie’s Disease!

The acoustic wave therapy (also called low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy, LI-ESWT) used with PeakWAVE has been shown to be beneficial in treating men with Peyronie’s Disease by not only improving blood flow, but also by breaking up the fibrous plaque that is known to cause pain and curving.  Unlike other potential treatments for Peyronie’s Disease, PeakWAVE is completely safe and doesn’t require medication or surgery.

Possible benefits of PeakWAVE in Peyronie’s Disease:

  • Improvements in plaque size and penis curvature
  • Resolution of pain during intercourse
  • Increased blood vessel formation and better blood flow leading to stronger erections
  • Stem cell recruitment to heal damaged area(s)
  • Non-invasive therapy without surgery, pills, or dangerous injections
  • No downtime or side effects
  • In office treatment that takes 10-15 minutes
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